Building on the success of the Energy Strong program, we have proposed to invest an additional $2.5 billion over the next five years to further strengthen our electric and gas systems to better withstand storms, improve reliability and significantly enhance resiliency. That’s why we have proposed Energy Strong II, the next phase of our statewide infrastructure program.

Ensuring our electric and gas systems are resilient and reliable is our top priority, and Energy Strong II will continue our post-Superstorm Sandy infrastructure work to ensure we are ready for the next big storm. Since 2010, PSE&G has experienced the four most disruptive storms in our operating history. And because the 2016 and 2017 hurricane seasons were among the most active on record, investing in our infrastructure is more critical than ever.

During Subtropical Storm Alberto in May 2018, our Energy Strong investments paid dividends when floodwaters covered the site of our Ewing Township substation, but didn’t reach new, raised equipment. Thanks to this Energy Strong work, no customer served by this substation lost power due to flooded equipment.

Energy Strong II will harden the electric infrastructure from the effects of major weather events, improve resiliency by allowing for faster restoration of outages and ensure safe and reliable service by replacing facilities when they reach the end of their service lives. Hardening work includes rebuilding or eliminating 16 stations in flood zones, as well as modernizing the system by replacing 15 substations that average 60 years old. Resiliency work includes technology investments that will improve field communications, make the system smarter and more efficient, and allow the grid to handle more solar and other green energy.

The proposal also includes investments that will provide alternative supply options to our natural gas supply should there be an interruption in interstate supply.