Gas System Modernization Program

In May, PSE&G gained the approval of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for a five-year program to begin the next phase of gas system replacements and upgrades to improve reliability and safety for our gas customers.

This second phase of our Gas System Modernization Program represents a nearly $1.9 billion investment that will create roughly 3,200 jobs and will replace 875 miles of pipes along with other gas infrastructure improvements across the state.

Nationwide, our infrastructure is growing older. As one of the oldest states in the nation, New Jersey’s infrastructure is bound to be among the oldest, too. PSE&G’s natural gas network has more than 4,000 miles of cast-iron natural gas pipe – more than any other utility in the nation – and much of it is more than a century old.

As part of the Gas System Modernization Program, PSE&G began replacing these antique lines with new, more durable plastic in 2015. At the end of the three-year first phase of the program, the company will have replaced 510 miles throughout New Jersey.

The positive impacts of this critical infrastructure work are widespread. These upgrades will make New Jersey’s natural gas system safer, more reliable and will help reduce a significant source of methane leaks, which is good for clean air and for the climate.

PSE&G, Google Earth Outreach and the Environmental Defense Fund joined forces to demonstrate faster, better ways to map and measure methane leaks coming from underground pipes. The technology helped PSE&G prioritize which pipes were replaced first during the first phase of GSMP.